Pendo is a young woman with a difficult life, but the terrible struggles of childhood have given way to a deeper, stronger and more compassionate faith. 
She lived in Eldoret with her mother, and during the post-election violence of
2007 in Kenya, their home was burned and her mother fled to South Sudan, leaving Pendo with friends.  She was shuffled between homes and schools, often the victim of abuse and neglect, until her Aunt and Uncle (Pastors) in Naivasha,
living in the slum of Kasarani which feeds St. Andrews, adopted her into their
family.  She now has a future and a hope and a loving family.  Her name, Pendo,
is KiSwahili for "love". She has a deep faith in Jesus, and is a positive role
model for our students.

I believe the future belongs to particular people, only those who have a dream. We have to be violent towards our dreams. Work tirelessly towards the big dreams you have always dreamt of, despite the challenges ahead, you can, its possible... Move forward.
 Challenges are there to sharpen you and make you stronger, stronger than you were before than stronger than you know you could be. Learn from past mistakes and try to rectify them... forget failure and move forward toward success. Hope for a better and a shining tomorrow, even though your today was bad. Don’t expect the road to success to be smooth. Remember, expecting the world to treat you fairly, just because you are a good person is little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are with a vegetarian.
Stay focused on what you are called to do. Seek fresh ways to use the gifts and talents that God has given you. Move forward to make wise decisions for they will determine your future success and happiness. Better decisions are the cement to a better and more comfortable life; well packed with good morals and responsibilities. Don’t talk of how good you were today; talk of how good you want to be tomorrow. Let today’s good work be a good basis and foundation for a better tomorrow.
We are anointed, talented and creative. People don’t determine your potential; therefore don’t let rejection keep you down. There are some people that you have to love from a distance. They may kill the dream and vision in your heart. We can’t change what happened in the past, but we can change our future. But remember you cannot change what you tolerate. Don’t settle on anything less than God’s best. 

Move forward to being happy. Handle problems with cheers and not sadness. Choose to be kind to people and choose more vibrant relationships. Choose to live this  day passionately as a reflection of God’s love. Never tell evil of a man if you don’t know for certain of it. Problems will be smaller if you never avoid, but confront them. Touch the thistle timidly... and if it actually pricks you, grasp it boldly and its spines will crumble. There is nothing hard because problems must come to die and fortune must kiss your soul. The deepest darkness comes when the dawn is near. The Lord says, ‘For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you a future and hope.’ He wants to do a new thing. Your faith, values and desire in life will influence your convictions and finally your choices. Gauge your actions carefully. Do not be surprised by the painful test you are suffering as though something unusual was happening to you. Unexamined life is not worth living. You have to go through all these, so that you may be hardened. The only reason we fail, is because we get tired during the period.  

St. Andrews, with or without teachers, with problems or without, let us believe that God is in the crisis. What God has planned for us is unstoppable. We are going to win. If Obama made it, we will also make it. We are no different from those who move to greater heights, if only because we have a burning determination.
Once all the villagers decided to pray for rain. In the meeting only one boy came with an umbrella. That’s faith.  Once you throw a one-year-old child in the air, he smiles broadly because he knows that you will catch him. That’s trust. Once we go to sleep, we don’t know about tomorrow; whether we shall wake up or not, but we still have plans for tomorrow. That’s hope. May we live good lives full of faith, trust and hope.

6/21/2013 07:40:16 pm


Nganga James
3/15/2015 03:20:35 am

Quite moving.God bless Our great Kasarani and St Andrews fraternity.

7/7/2015 05:53:52 am

God bless ST ANDREWS. I am an alumni and I strongly believe that the school has got what it takes to be at the top in the country. All we can do is support our students all round.

John Muiruri
7/7/2015 04:48:14 pm



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